Song Seung Heon Joins Kim Woo Bin And Esom In Netflix’s Upcoming Thriller Drama

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Song Seung Heon has been cast in Netflix’s upcoming thriller drama “Black Knight”!

On February 10, it was confirmed that Song Seung Heon will join Kim Woo Bin, Esom, and Kang Yoo Seok in Netflix’s upcoming drama “Black Knight.”

“Black Knight” is based on a webtoon of the same name and takes place in 2071 where pollution has become so severe, people can’t survive without respirators. It will tell the story of a legendary delivery knight 5-8, who has extraordinary fighting skills and meets a refugee named Sa Wol who dreams of becoming a delivery knight because it’s their only hope. Because of the worsening conditions, delivery knights play an important role in Korea’s survival.

Kim Woo Bin will be playing the legendary delivery knight 5-8 who no one can oppose, while Esom will be playing Seol Ah, a major of the military intelligence who looks after Sa Wol like family and is his savior, and Kang Yoo Seok will play the role of refugee Sa Wol, who is envious of the legendary 5-8 and determined to become a delivery knight himself.

Song Seung Heon will play Ryu Seok, he is the villain who will face off against knight 5-8, he is also the only heir to the Cheon Myung Group.

The drama will be helmed by director Jo Ui Seok of the films “Master,” “Cold Eyes,” and “The World of Silence.”

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

wow! This lineup is getting better by the day. Song Seung Heon as the villain? sign me the hell up, honestly, I can’t wait to see Kim Woo Bin back on TV, its been such a long time and he’s come a far way. I am so happy and proud of him, I hope we get to see this drama this year.

Can’t wait to learn more about who will join this drama too.

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