Son Naeun Shares How She Feels About Not Being Able To Join Apink’s 10th Anniversary Comeback Promotions

Apink’s Naeun has took to social media to share how she feels about being unable to join her group’s comeback promotions.

Recently, Naeun shared a couple of photos of herself and captioned,

“are you guys enjoying listening to our 10th anniversary album ‘HORN’ that we have prepared for a long time? Unfortunately, I was not able to join the promotions and I am sad but please show love to the album that we worked so hard on preparing and show lots of love and support for the members.”

Apink had released their 10th-anniversary special album on February 14. Before the album release, YG had announced that Naeun will be unable to join the group’s comeback promotions due to scheduling conflict.

The Apink members have been working hard to promote the album while Naeun is currently starring in the tvN drama “Ghost Doctor.”

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