“Now We Are Breaking Up” Actor Shin Dong Wook Reveals The Heartbreaking Medical Reason Behind His 7 Year Hiatus

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Actor Shin Dong Wook has been gaining a lot of attention recently for his role in the hit SBS drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” and while many kdramas fans aren’t aware of this, he once used to be one of the top rising actors in the late 2000s before he suddenly disappeared.

On a recent broadcast of KBS’s “Year-Round Live,” they unveiled a list of celebrities who made a successful comeback after a long hiatus and Shin Dong Wook ranked 3rd on the list.

The program revealed the reason behind his hiatus as shared by the actor himself on previous broadcasts. He used to be one of the most rising Korean actors in 2008, however, in 2010, he was diagnosed with CRPS [which stands for complex regional pain syndrome]. CRPS is a rare neurologic disorder and is ranked among the most painful of all medical problems. As a result of the diagnosis, the actor was discharged from the military.

Actor Shin Dong Wook revealed that he was in so much pain, he underwent rehabilitation for a while and then took a hiatus for 5 years, he says he didn’t meet people, didn’t call anymore, and began to drift away. He also added that he felt really lonely.

Shin Dong Wook managed to make a comeback to the drama scene in 2017, 7 years after the hiatus began, he starred in “Lookout.” Since then, he’s been active in the industry and has recently received attention for starring in “Now We Are Breaking Up,” he played the role of Song Hye Kyo’s ex-boyfriend in the drama.

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