Russian Rapper Chipinkos Blatantly Releases Rapper Beenzino’s Song “Monet” As His Own On Spotify + Agency Promises Strict Legal Action

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Russian Rapper Chipinkos is under fire for his recent music release and it has to do with one of South Korea’s biggest rappers, Beenzino.

On February 26, various Korean media outlets reported that Beenzino’s latest release “Monet” has been stolen by a Russian rapper in the most blatant way possible.

The song in question was released last year as part of Beenzino’s upcoming full album. It was also included as one of the original soundtracks for the game “NBA 2K22.”

Russian Rapper Chipinkos took the song and published it to his Spotify causing anger from Beenzino’s fans.

Beenzino’s agency has also released a statement, they stated they’d never met or know who this rapper is and will respond legal after discussing with distributors.

Fans on the other hand are shocked to see Russian Rapper Chipinkos steal the song just like that without any fear of a lawsuit.

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