NMIXX’s Kyujin Tests Positive For COVID-19

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NMIXX’s Kyujin has tested positive for COVID-19!

On February 20, JYP Entertainment stated that Kyujin took the PCR test on February 17 but the results came back negative, she still self-quarantined. On February 20, she started experiencing mild symptoms like a sore throat and slight fever, so she took another PCR test and it came back positive this afternoon.

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They added that Kyujin has completed her second dose of vaccine and is now quarantined and is only experiencing mild symptoms.

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NMIXX’s Kyujin is now the second member to get diagnosed with COVID-19 after Bae, who tested positive on February 18. As a result of the news, their first single will still be released on February 22 as scheduled, however, NMIXX’s debut showcase “New Frontier : AD MARE” has been postponed to March 1.

Get well soon Kyujin and Bae!

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