NMIXX’s Debut Song “O.O” Named “Worst Song Of All Time” By One Of The Biggest British News Outlets, Why?


NMIXX’s “O.O” has been named the “Worst Song of All Time” by the British newspaper and news website Daily Mail!  

On February 22, NMIXX made their highly-anticipated debut with their single album “AD MARE” and its title track “O.O,” and even though the music video had reached 19 million views within the first 24 hours, it garnered a lot of negative feedback from critics and mixed reactions from fans.

According to Daily Mail, NMIXX’s debut song wasn’t enjoyed by K-Pop listeners, many describing the song as one of the worst debut songs in K-Pop. The song also hasn’t even been able to enter the top 100 on the Korean music chart Melon.

Generally speaking, JYP girl groups do very well on Korean music charts and have done so for as long as fans can remember. When comparing NMIXX’s chart rankings to those of their JYP sunbae girl group debut songs, their song comes out as the worst-performing debut song for a JYP girl group.

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While many fans have conflicting reactions to NMIXX’s debut song, many feel bad for the members who trained so hard for years in order to debut in a group only to have their debut song get bombarded with negative reviews. Many blame the management and the song producers for the mixing of the song.

What do you think of NMIXX’s debut song?

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