Lee Seung Gi Shares These Messages With Fans After His Diagnosis With COVID-19 Is Made Public

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Lee Seung Gi has tested positive for COVID-19.

On February 15, Lee Seung Gi’s agency confirmed previous reports that stated the actor has been diagnosed with the virus and has temporarily halted his activities. A rep from the agency told news outlets that the actor has used a self-test kit and the results came out positive, as a result, he took a PCR test which confirmed his diagnosis.

Lee Seung Gi has also taken three doses of the vaccine. Shortly after the news made its way on the internet, the actor took to his Instagram account to share two stories assuring fans he’s doing well.

In the first story, he wrote, ‘how did an article get published at the speed of light?’

In the second story, he shared a photo from his childhood and assured fans he’s doing well and that he currently only has ‘cold-like symptoms, he added, ‘so please don’t worry too much. I’ll recover quickly and greet you again in good health! Thank you to everyone who worried about me.’

We hope Lee Seung Gi makes a speedy recovery!

By Hilda Moore

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