Kim Woo Bin Candidly Speaks About His First Drama In 6 Years, “Our Blues,” And How It Differs From All His Other Roles

Kim Woo Bin has recently graced the cover of Esquire magazine, he sat down for an interview and discussed his upcoming dramas and what advice he’d give himself 20 years from now.

Kim Woo Bin is set to return with his first drama in 6 years, “Our Blues” very soon. The happy news was announced last year, it was confirmed that Lee Byung Hun, Cha Seung Won, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Min Ah, Han Ji Min, and Lee Jung Eun will be starring in writer No Hee Kyung’s upcoming drama “Our Blues” (literal title). Kim Woo Bin will be paired with Han Ji Min.

The actor has recently wrapped up filming for the drama, about it, he said,

“While the characters I’ve played before were a little edgy or angry, Park Jung-joon [his character name] in this drama is a character with a calm state of mind. I was healed by the script of writer Noh Hee-kyung, and I had a good time playing the character Park Jung-joon.”

Kim Woo Bin plays the role of Park Jung-joon, a ship captain who is looking for a woman who will not leave Jeju, he meets and falls in love with Lee Young-Ok [Han Ji Min].

Kim Woo Bin also discussed his upcoming Netflix drama “Delivery Driver” which takes place in the year 2071, about Netflix dramas and OTT he said,

“In existing dramas, you don’t often start after seeing the entire script, so there are times when you have to calculate how to play a character without knowing the ending. The OTT has the advantage of knowing all the ending and calculating the character’s action just like a movie.”

When asked, ‘Tell us what would Kim Woo Bin from 20 years now say to the Kim Woo Bin in 2022,’ he answered,

“I want to tell him not to worry about useless things and live happily. I read somewhere that an elderly read ‘What I regret the most in my life is time spent worrying about useless things,’ I keep reminding myself not to worry about things that haven’t happened in advance.”

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