Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Lee El, And Son Seok Gu’s Upcoming Drama “My Liberation Notes” Unveils First Teaser Trailer

JTBC’s upcoming drama “My Liberation Notes” starring Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Lee El, and Son Seok Gu has released its first teaser trailer!  

“My Liberation Notes” focuses on the story of three siblings who want to escape from their stifling lives and the Mysterious Outsider who comes to their town.

Kim Ji Won plays the role of Yum Min Jung, who is the youngest child in her family. She’s an introvert and timid. Due to her personality, she has gone through her life feeling completely alone, she’s unable to take it anymore and eventually attempts to make a change in order to liberate herself from her mundane life.

Lee Min Ki will be starring as Yum Chang Hee, Yum Min Jung’s older brother and the middle child of their family. Although, the character hoped to move to the city and get a taste of an exciting world. Life didn’t go according to his plan, he feels aimless, dreamless and he lacks any particular ambition to achieve anything. Despite his immature Behavior, everything he says has a surprising logical tone to it.

Lee El plays Yum Ki Jung, the eldest child of the family. She is fierce and only behaves well on the day she receives her paycheck. She feels like she wasted her entire youth to commute back and forth for her job, she’s desperate to find love.

Son Seok Gu plays the role of Mr. Gu, the charming and mysterious outsider. His arrival stirs a lot of questions since the town is considered so boring that no one would ever want to move in. He’s always drunk and has lost his way in life until one day Yum Min Jung approaches him.

The trailer starts with a notebook being opened and the words “My Liberation Diary” written on it as the youngest sibling Yum Min Jung could be heard narrating, she says, “Every relationship is labor.” It’s then followed by her older brother and the middle child of the family Yum Chang Hee who says that since he was born, he has never experienced anything like joy, pleasure, or ecstasy. The next shot is The eldest sibling Yum Ki Jung who can be seen sitting on the bus as she cries, and lastly, the mysterious man Mr.Gu can be seen drinking with a tired face.

However, Yum Min Jung can be heard making a promise, she says, “I will break through.” Making it clear that she wants to be liberated from this trapped life she has been living. The last scene shows her and Mr.Gu sitting by the river with the sunlight warming their wide smiles, their smiles seem to be the beginning of their liberation.

You can check out the teaser below:

“My Liberation Notes” is set to premiere in April.

Are you excited to watch this drama?

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