KBS Delays “The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won” Broadcast For The 3rd Week + Filming Canceled Until Further Notice


The King Of Tears, Lee Bang” is not airing for the 3rd consecutive week.

Back in January, The Korean Animal Welfare Association (KARA) released footage of what appears to be animal abuse on the set of the drama. The clips in question show a scene of the character Lee Bang Won’s father Lee Seong Gye falling dramatically as he rides a horse. The horse takes a head dive and lands on its side. Due to the massive controversy that ensued after the clip circulated the web, KBS issued a formal apology and stated the horse died a week after the incident.

On February 3, media outlets reported that the drama is not airing for its 3rd week from February 5 to 6. Furthermore, all scheduled filming has been halted until further notice as the production is undergoing ‘thorough inspections’ due to what happened.

Previously, KBS issued a statement to announce that “The King Of Tears, Lee Bang Won” episode 13 and 14 will not be airing following the news and that the special broadcast set for the week after has also been canceled.

According to media reports, over 100 animal rights groups have sued KBS for the recent controversy involving the death of a horse on the set of the drama.

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