“I Am So Sick Of It, I Can’t Wait To Go Home,” fromis_9’s Lee Saerom Apologizes And Explains Her Comments During Live Broadcast

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fromis_9’s Lee Saerom has stepped up to apologize and explain her recent comments during V Live.

On February 12, fromis_9’s Lee Saerom and some of the group members got together to greet fans via a V Live. However, one clip from the show went viral and for all the wrong reasons, this led to Lee Saerom receiving many hate comments.

The members hadn’t been aware the cameras were rolling, while member Jisun was laughing about something, Saerom commented, ‘I am so sick of this, I want to hurry up and go home, right now!

A few of the members almost immediately realized that the cameras were rolling and said hello, Saerom was told the cameras were on, and after a few quiet moments, Saerom counted and along with the rest of the members, they introduced themselves.

This wasn’t a good look for the leader of her group, netizens shared divided opinions regarding it and some fans expressed disappointment as they thought it was about them or the V Live she was doing. Some netizens jumped to her defense saying that idol life was difficult while others said she was being unprofessional and shouldn’t have acted like that.

Around midnight on February 13 KST, Lee Saerom posted an apology to Weverse. In her statement, she explained the situation in details and denied those words were directed at her fans. She said that it was at the end of their self-quarantine and this was the first time she had a chance to meet the other members and catch up with them, she said,

“I told the members I enjoyed it at first [the quarantine] but after being alone for so long, I got tired to death of being unable to go outsite.

Additionally, the self-quarantine period was only seven days but I wasn’t able to return to the dorm until Seoyeon, who lives with me, tested negative. Thus, I was worried about her and said I wanted to go home quickly to see her. I think these words were overheard without context and caused a misunderstanding.”

She ended her statement with an apology as she had only wanted to show a good image towards her fans,

“I am sorry for surprising you and worrying you because of my carelessness. I’ll continue to greet you with a more careful and mature image.”

fromis_9 recently came back with “DM” but had to halt promotions after Seoyeon tested positive for COVID-19.

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