“Forecasting Love And Weather” And “Twenty Five, Twenty One” Achieve Their Highest Rating Yet, Again


Twenty Five, Twenty One” And “Forecasting Love And Weather” ratings continue to soar!

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” And “Forecasting Love And Weather” aired new episodes this week and according to Nielsen Korea, the dramas have both seen a rise in ratings.

according to Nielsen Korea, “Twenty Five, Twenty One” reached its highest rating yet with 8.8%, it took first place in its time slot across all cable channels. It also ranked first in its time slot across the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it earned an average nationwide rating of 4.6%.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather” is experiencing even bigger growth, this week it soared to 7.9% in ratings, marking a significant jump from its 3rd episode rating of 6.8%, its also its highest rating yet.

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Congratulations to the casts and crews of all the dramas!

Which one of these weekend dramas are you watching?

Source: Nielsen Korea