First Chilling Posters Of Kim Dong Wook’s Upcoming Drama Revealed

TVING original drama “The King of Pigs” first teaser posters have been released!

“The King of Pigs” is an upcoming thriller drama that follows people who recall their experiences as victims of violence due to the mysterious serial killings that begin when they received a message from a friend from 20 years ago. The drama focuses on school violence. Kim Dong Wook, Kim Sung Kyu, and Chae Jung Ahn lead the drama that is based on director Yeon Sang Ho’s animated film of the same name that has already been acknowledged at various film festivals.

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Kim Dong Wook will play the role of Hwang Kyung Min, a man who lives with the trauma of the school violence he experienced from 20 years ago. Kim Sung Kyu will take on the role of detective Jung Jong Suk who traces the mysterious message sent by the friend from 20 years ago. Chae Jung Ahn will play the charismatic detective Kang Jin Ah, a woman of principle who chases the truth no matter what.

The newly released posters give an eerie vibe. In one of them, Kim Dong Wook is sitting on the floor of a dark room, there is a shadow looming over him.

The second poster shows a hooded figure wearing a mask of a pig smiling cynically.

“The King of Pigs” will be released in March via TVING.