Disney+ Upcoming Drama “Grid” Starring Seo Kang Joon And Kim Ah Joong Releases Its Final Poster

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The final poster for Disney+ upcoming drama “Grid” has been released!

“Grid” is a mystery thriller drama that talks about the story of three people who chase after a mysterious ghost for different reasons, this unknown ghost saved humanity back in 1997 from solar winds by creating a shield named “The Grid” then disappeared, but comes back after 24 years to help a serial killer escape.

Seo Kang Joon will play Kim Sae Ha, an employee at the management office, he is a skeptic person who has been obsessively chasing after the Ghost, while Kim Ah Joong will play Jeong Sae Byeok, a detective who saw the Ghost while chasing the serial killer, she will accompany Kim Sae Ha and help him catch the Ghost.  

Kim Moo Yeol will play Song Uh Jin, another employee who works at the management team office, he also doesn’t believe in the existence of the Ghost, and Kim Sung Kyun will play Kim Ma Nok, he is the murderer who The Ghost helps.

And finally, Lee Si Young will play the Ghost, the mysterious entity that saved mankind and returned after 24 years to help a serial killer escape.

The new poster features the characters standing below a world ruined by the solar wind, the caption reads “Time doesn’t flow” raising curiosity about the drama’s plot, it also raises the question of whether the fact that time doesn’t flow is an important clue to the Ghost hunt.

The drama is set to premiere on February 16!

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