Did Son Ye Jin Accidentally Leak The News Of Her Marriage To Hyun Bin Recently? Eagle-Eyed Fans Caught Her Doing This

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The happy not-so-unexpected marriage news of Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin has been trending ever since the couple announced it last night, but did you know that some fans had expected the wedding news to drop soon?

A couple of days ago, Son Ye Jin gained attention among her fans after she followed a wedding photographer who goes by the username @youngsnap_official.

Son Ye Jin followed the wedding photographer account on her public account which has millions of followers and soon fans found out she had followed him. He followed her back and it seemed that she caught on to what fans found and soon unfollowed him.

When fans found out he is a wedding photographer, many began to wonder whether Son Ye Jin followed him because she liked his style and whether this meant she was preparing for marriage. Some thought it was just an accident on her part.

Many began tweeting about it as well. And now that the wedding news is out, fans believe it was related to her upcoming wedding.

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