“All Of Us Are Dead” Choi Yi Hyun And Lomon Reveal Their Kiss Scene Took 17 Takes, Here Is The Surprising Reason Why

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“All Of Us Are Dead” actors Choi Yi Hyun and Lomon have recently shared a surprising fact about filming for the series.

Netflix has dropped a new commentary video of the hit series. Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, and Lomon, director Lee Jae Gyu and writer Chun Sung Il all sat down to discuss the drama and share stories about the filming process.

While watching Cho Yi Hyun and Lomon’s kiss scene, director Lee Jae Gyu joked about how Lomon couldn’t stop smiling watching the video, he then asked, ‘how many takes did we do?’

Lomon paused for a second to recall and said, “17 takes?” Both he and Cho Yi Hyun said, “We really did a lot of takes.”

Cho Yi Hyun added that she felt bad for Lomon because her eyes were closed as she leaned in for the kiss so she couldn’t find where his lips were. Lomon then joked around and said he was actually enjoying the takes and made everyone burst laughing.

Lomon also chimed in, “before we shot it, I kept worrying, ‘how do we pull off the kiss? Im so nervous, what do I do?’ but then after she kissed me, I realized, ‘oh, this is why actors do romance dramas.’” He then cracked everyone by adding, ‘this is my favorite scene.’

You can check out the video which has English subtitles below!

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