ATEEZ’s San Politely Begs Sasaengs To Stop Following Their Group, Netizen Applaud His Manners

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ATEEZ’s San recent social media activities are making headlines.

Recently, ATEEZ’s San took to the Universe App to ask sasaengs to stop following their group members to the dorm or hotel after their schedules wrap up.

Notably, San’s approach was considered very polite despite the intrusive nature of sasaengs and how much trouble they cause idols in general. San said,

“there are people either waiting outside or follow us around, this has caused some discomfort. I know very well how much you love us and I love you very much but please avoid causing discomfort to others, thank you.

I am addressing this today as it appears some of you aren’t aware, but please don’t take this negatively.

I understand if you’d done it without knowing it would burden others, but from now on, I would appreciate it if you could stop. I can sense your love towards me regardless of that.”

San added that he cherish ATINY [the fandom name] and doesn’t want there to be misunderstandings between them, but he’s also afraid people will look negatively at the fandom because of these actions, he added,

‘you’re the most precious people in my life and no one can talk about you poorly. So please consider this, I ask of you. I ask you kindly.’

San’s kind and polite approach has been a topic of discussion among netizens, he’s being praised for being so polite in addressing sasaengs.

ATEEZ has recently released a single in collaboration with Universe Music called ‘Don’t Stop.’

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