“All Of Us Are Dead” Director Personally Apologizes For The Controversial Sexual Violence Scenes That Were Criticized By Netizens

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All Of Us Are Dead” Director Lee Jae kyu has recently sat down for an interview following the massive success of the series and has answered many questions and also responded to the backlash the series received for some of its scenes.

One of the scenes that gained a lot of attention and the subsequent backlash was one featuring a female student suffering from sexual violence against a female student in the first episodes of the drama. Netizens criticized the scene for allegedly overly sexualizing the female student and there was also a scene where a female student gives birth to a child, the director explained,

“I didn’t mean to provoke the viewers and attract a large audience by simply showing tragedy.

I hoped that Eun-ji (Oh Hye-soo), who tried to get rid of it even if she lost her life because she was afraid of being exposed more than losing her life. I wanted people to feel how cruel the behavior was.”

About the scene where the student gives birth, he said,

“I thought it was a necessary scene because I had to create a situation where the child was about to die.”

The director went on to apologize to the viewers,

“I apologize if the scenes shown were too excessive than what I had intended with it and also apologize for causing discomfort to anyone.”

Lee Jae kyu also explained that there were certain parts of the webtoon that were too difficult and extreme to portray so he toned it down a bit.

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