“All Of Us Are Dead” Director Lays Out Plans For A Possible Second Season, When Will It Be Released?

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All Of Us Are Dead” Director Lee Jae-kyu has recently sat down for an interview following the massive success of the series and has answered many questions including the one about a potential second season.


In “All Of Us Are Dead” finale, the series hints at how its not the end, and there are still things to be figured out and cleared. There is also a lot of questions that weren’t answered such as the fate of Nam Ra’s character and why she became a new type of zombie.

Recently, “All Of Us Are Dead” Director Lee Jae-kyu sat down for a video interview with a Korean news outlet. About the series’ success, he said,

“It’s surprising and amazing that so many people are enjoying it positively and the response has been this good. When I heard that we were number one in the world, the time we worked on the project together for the past two years passed by like a flash.”

When asked about a potential second season for “All Of Us Are Dead,” the director responded with,

“I think it would be nice if we could do it, but I think we have to see what will happen. If you love Season 1, I think Season 2 will be possible. I have set it up with season 2 in mind, so if season 2 comes out, it will be more fun and an expanded story. If season 1 was about the survival period of humans, season 2 would be about the survival period of zombies.”

Would you like to see “All Of Us Are Dead” return with a second season?

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