A Fan Born In 2004 Asks 2PM’s Junho If She Has A Chance With Him, Here Is How He Responded

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2PM’s Junho recent Instagram live has garnered attention for what a young fan asked.

A couple of days ago, 2PM’s Junho surprised fans by turning on Instagram live to chat with them, he revealed he had returned home after wrapping up his schedule and shared he’s trimmed his hair for the filming.

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In the live broadcast, the idol-actor spent time with fans, he answered their questions about various things including a potential 2PM comeback.

One of the questions asked was about his next project following the massive success of “The Red Sleeve,” Junho revealed, “I am not sure yet. I am looking through many scripts I’ve received. I want to choose a new project soon.”

What gained attention during the live broadcast was a question posed by a fan born in 2004, the fan asked, ‘oppa, I am born in 2004, can I be your girlfriend.’ Junho was born in 1990 and is 32 years old.

Junho read the comment, he blushed and then answered,

‘2004… how… how old does that make you? I don’t know… how dare I to speak like that… although, nothing is impossible, but still… this is awkward.”

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What do you think of Junho’s answer?

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  1. Junho’s answer was genuine and sweet.everyone has witnessed his mesmerizing acting in Red Sleeve,no doubt anybody can fall in love at first sight.Best wishes for your upcoming drama.lots of love from Bhutan,your fan Kripa Tenyung

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