2PM Chansung Tweet About Married Life Struggles Ignites A Heated Debate Among k-Netizens On Whether Its Appropriate To Publicly Do So

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2PM Chansung recent Tweet has created a heated debate among k-netizens and we’re here to explain why.

Recently, 2PM Chansung Tweeted the following, ‘no but this ‘living fair’ is like a serious hike… I just walked for two hours.’ 2PM Chansung had previously announced his plans to marry his girlfriend who was also pregnant with his child.

The tweet itself is quite harmless but its important to understand what he was talking about to understand the discourse. The ‘living fair’ is a reference to the ‘2022 Seoul Living Design Fair’ which is known as the largest exhibition of furniture and interior design in one event, taking place annually at the Samsung COEX. This is where newlywed couples and/or engaged couples preparing for marriage usually shop.

The tweet has garnered so much attention and mixed reactions. This created a debate about whether it is appropriate for a kpop idol to share such private details about his personal life online. K-netizens are split into two sides, the side who thinks he’s being ‘unprofessional,’ ‘inconsiderate’ and ‘rubbing wound on salt,’ ‘hurting fans,’ ‘thoughtless’ and such. The other side favors idols being open about their personal lives and think its their right whether they want to share it with the public or not. They also bring up how he’s been part of the industry for over 15 years and that its ‘not a big deal’ if he does post about it.

What do you think of the debate?

Note: a previous version of this article stated the tweet has been deleted, this wasn’t the case, the article has been corrected.

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  1. Personally I love ìt and couldn’t be happier for the couple. Changsung’s given 15 yrs of his youth to bring happiness to his fans Koreans should show him some love and be happy for him

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