YG Issues A Statement Addressing Son Naeun’s Absence From Apink’s Highly Anticipated Comeback Due To Backlash


After it was revealed that Apink’s Son Naeun will not be promoting with the group’s latest comeback, some fans became furious.

Back in December, fans were delighted when IST Entertainment confirmed that Apink would be making a comeback in February of 2022. Despite Son Naeun leaving the agency, it was confirmed that she would join the comeback.

On January 17, IST Entertainment released a new statement to explain that although Son Naeun will appear for the album jacket photos and the music video shoot, the member will not be promoting the album with the rest of her members due to scheduling conflicts.

The announcement rubbed fans the wrong way, first, this marks Apink’s 10th anniversary album, a special deal for any kpop group, second, some fans believe Son Naeun isn’t that into the group activities but hasn’t left due to fear of the backlash and that she’s not giving it her all to her group activities. Some fans also argue that other members are equally as busy but are still making time for group activities.

Aside from that, this will mark Apink’s first comeback in over two years, a comeback that many fans have been super excited about and have been demanding from the agency for the longest time.

On January 18, YG also ended up issuing their own statement explaining the situation. They wrote,

“Son Na Eun will not be able to participate in activities except for the jacket and music video of Apink’s special album that is expected to be released in February due to difficulties in coordinating the schedule for the next project under discussion.

Son Na Eun, who passionately participated in the Apink fan meeting at the end of last year, expressed her gratitude to her fans, said, ‘It’s a pity that we couldn’t be together due to scheduling problems, but I ask for your support to the special album and members.’”

The anniversary special album is slated for release this February.

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