TXT’s Soobin Will Not Be Launching A Personal Instagram Account, Here Is Why

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TXT’s Soobin explains to the fans why he will not be opening an Instagram account.

On January 11, a fan shared on the Internet a series of messages sent by Soobin on Weverse. In these messages, one fan wondered if TXT members opening their personal Instagram accounts was their own personal choice to which Soobin replied by saying that they asked the company and they told them that it was up to them if they wanted to open an Instagram account or not.

His revelation made another fan ask him if he when will he be opening his own personal Instagram account, he answered them by saying that he will not be making one. When he was asked for the reason for his decision, he explain to the fan that he was too lazy to make one.

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In related news, TXT’s Yeonjun recently surprised fans by opening his personal Instagram account.

Are you sad to hear that Soobin will not be launching a personal Instagram account?

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