12-Year Old Idol Trainee Tanaka Koki Will Not Debut In P-NATION’s Upcoming Group From LOUD Anymore


12-Year Old Idol Trainee Tanaka Koki is not going to be part of P-NATION’s first boy group.

Back in September, P-NATION and JYP Entertainment selected what would become their final lineup for their upcoming boy groups through the survival show “LOUD.”

At the time, Tanaka Koki, a Japanese member born in 2009, was among the winning lineup for P-NATION’s group. However, many k-netizens pointed out how young he was and debated whether he should debut in the grueling industry at such a young age, if he had debuted he would’ve been the youngest kpop idol in a kpop group.

On January 24, P-NATION released a statement to announce that he will not debut with their upcoming boy group as originally planned. However, he will still be part of P-NATION.

You can read the statement in English below!


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