After Three Years Of Court Battles, Samuel Kim And Brave Entertainment Settle Their Issues

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Samuel Kim and Brave Entertainment have settled their issues.

Samuel Kim filed a lawsuit against the agency in May of 2019. He wanted to dissolve his contract. In his suit, he claimed that the trust between him and his agency was compromised citing wrongful performance contracts and settlement-related issues. During their legal battle, he filed a separate criminal complaint against Brave Brothers, claiming the producer and CEO had forged private documents and embezzled funds. Brave Brothers was cleared of those charges.

On November 17, Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Samuel Kim and dismissed Brave Entertainment’s suit for damages of 1 billion won (approximately $846,380). The judges stated that the contract signed between both parties on June 9, 2014, is not valid as well. In response, Brave Entertainment said they will be filing for an appeal.

However, on January 13, Brave Entertainment announced their plans to not file an appeal anymore, they have reached an amicable agreement with Samuel Kim.

In their statement, they explain that after multiple discussions with Samuel Kim, they’ve decided to settle their misunderstandings and reached an amicable settlement.

Samuel Kim also shared a personal statement to his Instagram account. He wrote,

“The past three years of court proceedings have been difficult, but it has been a time when I thought a lot and learned a lot by myself. Thank you Garnet [his fandom name] and everyone who didn’t forget and waited for me during this long break!

Now, I ask for your support for return as an adult, and I will do my best without losing my original intention with the mindset of starting from the beginning again. I’m happy to announce the news like this, will be dreaming of a day when I’ll greet you soon with good songs and great performances.”

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