Reporters Heavily Criticized For Pressuring Red Velvet To Take Off Their Masks At The 11th Gaon Music Awards Red Carpet + Irene Praised For Her Response

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A recent clip from the 11th Gaon Music Awards has gone viral and the reporters in it are receiving massive backlash by both K-netizens and international netizens.

The 11th Gaon Music Awards was held a couple of days ago, many groups attended the event including Red Velvet. However, during their red carpet, something happened that caused fans to heavily criticize the reporters.

During the red carpet, the reporters kept demanding the members to take off their masks, mind you, at the day of the event, COVID-19 cases in South Korea reached a record high of 14,000 cases.

At the beginning, Seulgi noticed their demands, so she asked Irene who proceeded to signal the ‘x’ sign saying ‘no.’ Despite that, the reporters didn’t stop and kept demanding the group to take off their masks, eventually, the group gave in and took off their masks.

Video footage from the red carpet has gone viral on Twitter, fans from all around the world criticized the reporters for being rude and continuously demanding they remove their masks despite being told no. K-netizens also praised Irene for standing her ground and saying no.

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