‘Nature Can’t Flop Like This,’ A Shocking Post Uploaded To An Underrated Girl Group Official Account, Who Posted It?

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A post by a girl group official account is trending on various Korean online communities and it has people talking.

On January 4, fans of the girl group Nature noticed a new post was uploaded to the girl group official Instagram account, however, the post appears to have been very different from what you’d expect by a group’s official account.

The post translates to, ‘Nature Can’t Flop Like This.’ The post was deleted shortly after it was uploaded to their official Instagram account. Fans checked it and confirmed it was indeed posted to their official account which adds to the confusion.

Netizens reactions to the post have been mixed, some are under the impression that its a marketing tactic while others believe the account was hacked. The netizens who believe the post was intentional called out the agency for allegedly poorly promoting the girl group and criticized what they believe to be a post aimed to create buzz online.

Nature’s agency has not come out with a statement to explain the situation yet.

Nature is a 9 member girl group that debuted under n.CH Entertainment in 2018.

What do you think of this?

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