Kim Seon Ho Reportedly Not Returning To Activities In 2022, Refusing All Activities And Proposals After “Sad Tropics”

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Looks like fans will have to wait much longer before hearing back from Kim Seon Ho.

On January 6, a Korean news outlet exclusively reported that Kim Seon Ho will not be returning to activities this year. The news outlet quotes a source close to the actor who stated that he will not be engaging in any activities aside from “Sad Tropics” and its promotional activities, the movie began shooting in December of 2021.

Its being reported that any new proposals for work are being rejected and the same goes for the advertising side, he’s reportedly not only rejecting new advertisement opportunities but also renewing existing advertisement contracts he’s currently modeling for.

It is also been reported that Kim Seon Ho is also refusing offers for online fan-meetings overseas.

“Sad Tropics” is an upcoming movie about a man who has a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He dreams of becoming a boxer and comes to Korea to find his father. PD Park Hoon Jung, who produced hit films like “New World” and “V.I.P” is directing the movie.

A couple of months ago, Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend; Choi Young Ah; came out with scathing allegations against him, she accused him of forcing her to have an abortion and of gaslighting her. It ended with Kim Seon Ho’s apology and admission to what she wrote. Subsequently, Kim Seon Ho was dropped from his upcoming projects and lost many of his existing advertisement deals.

Things changed when on October 26 Dispatch released the full record of what they claim to be the timeline of Kim Seon Ho’s relationship with his ex. This led to the public shifting gears and siding with him. On November 1, they also came back with a new report that further discredits her post. Despite getting cleared from the allegations against him, he’s been out of the limelight since the incident happened.

His agency has not responded to the recent report.

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