Kim Min Jae Sends A Coffee Truck To Support Woo Do Hwan’s Upcoming Drama

Woo Do Hwan shows off his adorable friendship with his “Tempted” co-star Kim Min Jae!

On January 18, Woo Do Hwan shared on his Instagram pictures of a coffee truck sent by his friend Kim Min Jae to the set of his upcoming Netflix drama “Hunting Dogs.”

The banners surrounding the coffee truck have supportive messages written for Woo Do Hwan, cheering on him and the “Hunting Dogs” team.

“Hunting Dogs” is based on a webtoon of the same title, it is an action noir about three men who try to get out of debt, Woo Do Hwan is taking on the role of Gun Woo, a man who entered the world of loan sharks to pay off his debt.

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