Kang Ye Won Admits To Lying About Her Age, Agency Confirms She’s One Year Older Than Her Profile Age


Kang Ye Won was not actually born in 1980.

On January 27, rumors began to circulate around that Kang Ye Won was not actually born on March 15, 1980 but March 15, 1979, which means she’s actually one year older than what fans have originally known.

Later, her agency confirmed in an official statement that the actress was in fact born in 1979, they stated that her profile age was passed down by her from her former agency.

This means that Kang Ye Won’s real age isn’t 41 but 42.

A lot eyes are on Kang Ye Won as she’s currently embroiled in controversy by association due to her connection to Freezia (Song Ji Ah). She’s the co-CEO of the agency that’s representing Freezia. Close attention is being paid to her as a result.

Kang Ye Won is currently appearing on JTBC’s “The one and Only.” Kang Ye Won debuted in 2001.

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