Jimmy Kimmel Under Fire For Comparing BTS’s Fever To COVID-19 During Interview With Ashley Park

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Jimmy Kimmel is under fire for his ‘jokes’ during an interview with Ashley Park.

On January 20 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Ashley Park, who has a leading role in the Netflix drama “Emily in Paris,” made an appearance.

During the show, they discussed her famous cover of BTS’s Dynamite on the show and how thrilled she was to find out BTS V and RM re-posting her performance on their Instagram stories.

During the show, many ARMY pointed out that they didn’t like Jimmy Kimmel’s tone and jokes when referring or discussing the members, about BTS, he said,

“You sang a BTS song on the show, and I wonder what the fallout from something like that is because I know that, like, we’ve had BTS on our show and, like, their fans will camp out. They’re probably still out in the parking lot waiting for the next time they (BTS) come on. They are absolutely crazed for these guys.”

When Ashley Park revealed she’s an ARMY, Jimmy Kimmel added, “Yeah, you have to be careful with an army because they can attack.”

The problematic comments appear after Ashley Park revealed she’s found out about BTS members posting about her cover, she was so excited but throughout the entire day she said she “couldn’t think, couldn’t talk, and couldn’t get up”.

She had assumed it was due to the shock of finding out that BTS shared her video, however, later, she found out the symptoms were due to her having the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

While she explained she would have never guessed she contracted the virus because she thought she was that surprised because BTS noticed her, Jimmy Kimmel said, “You thought it was BTS fever.” Ashley Park agreed and said yes.

Jimmy Kimmel continued,

“They’re both very dangerous. You’re lucky to come out of those alive.”

Fans found his last comments to be especially problematic. Many brought up the rise in hate crimes against Asians due to the virus, many are baffled to find out that Jimmy Kimmel compared BTS’s popularity to the virus during such difficult times amid the rising cases of aggression and attacks against the Asian community.

You can check the video below!

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  1. Come on people can’t even make a simple joke he said BTS fever he didn’t say nothing about virus. He’s right some fans would attack her just for liking the guys which is crazy why would someone be attacked for liking the same group that they do

  2. I agree that is a stretch 3 times and more across the earth to find that offensive. I think people are bored with their lives and seek meaning by trying to defend an issue, but in haste are seriously self misguided.

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