Jay Park Answers Fans’ Burning Question, Is He Retiring Soon?


Jay Park has finally given fans an answer about whether he’s retiring soon.

Recently, Jay Park announced his decision to step down as the CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. His Instagram account also disappeared which left fans wondering whether he’s retiring from the industry soon.

Because of this, fans began to wonder whether his retirement was happening soon. On January 24, Jay Park personally came on to Twitter to assure his fans that he was not going to retire.

He tweeted,

Not retiring yet. In the last two years, I think I did like 80 fts but only put out like 7 songs under my name lol. I owe myself and my fans at least 1-2 more good albums. I’m just to much of a man of the ppl’s sometimes I put my own career on hold. this year gon be crazy. Trust.”

In recent news, a media report alleges Jay Park is working on establishing a new label to launch an idol group, with a huge investment from Kakao Entertainment. In response to the report, Kakao Entertainment said it was being considered.

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