Jae Issues An Apology To Jamie For His Remarks, Met With Severe Backlash For His Wording


Jae has issued an apology towards Jamie for the derogatory term he’s called her on a recent Twitch stream.

During a recent Twitch stream by Jae, his comments about Jamie went viral, he called her a ‘thot.’ Since then, Jamie has personally called him out on his remarks on Twitter before deleting her tweets.

Fans have been very critical of Jae following his remarks.

On January 8, Jae issued a note apology to Jamie, in his apology, he says it was a ‘friendly banter,’ and he meant to call her a ‘baddie.’ Read his apology below!

Despite his apology, he’s been met with severe backlash for the wording of it, many fans say he should’ve known better because he speaks English fluently and some called him out on his actions prior to saying the word.

What do you think of Jae’s apology?

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