IU’s Label Apologizes For Recent Errors Found In “Season’s Greetings”

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IU’s label recently apologized for the mistakes in her “Season’s Greetings.”

On January 12, EDAM Entertainment took to Instagram to address various issues, one of them being the errors that can be found in IU’s “Season’s Greetings.”

Here’s what they said,

“We have caused inconvenience and disappointment to our fans due to an error in ‘2022 IU SEASON’S GREETINGS’.

Above all, we feel the responsibility for disappointing the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the Season’s Greetings for a long time.”

Fans noticed that there were errors in some pages of the calendar and diary, they were either marked or unmarked.

In addition, they also stated that they will take strong legal actions against any malicious posts about their artists and that they monitor and review every email sent to them by fans.

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