Is 2PM’s Chansung Getting Married To A Woman 8 Years His Senior, JYP Responds To Reports

2PM’s Chansung is rumored to be getting married to a woman who is 8 years older than him.

Recently, various Korean media outlets reported that 2PM’s Chansung was getting married to a woman who is 8 years his senior. The idol-actor is 32 years old and the reports allege his fiance is 40 years old.

In response to the report, JYP said in a brief comment that they’re unable to confirm or deny the rumors, their contract with 2PM’s Chansung expired on January 24, its difficult for them to confirm the news.

In December of 2021, 2PM’s Chansung personally revealed he’s getting married and expecting a baby on the way. Added to that, he said he’d be leaving JYP after 15 years.

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