EXID’s Hani To Make A Special Appearance On tvN’s “Ghost Doctor” To Support Her Brother Ahn Tae Hwan

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EXID’s Hani will make a special appearance on tvN’s “Ghost Doctor”!

On January 24, “Ghost Doctor” released pictures of Hani’s upcoming special appearance on the drama. Hani will play Lee Ji Woo, who is a singer and goes by the stage name “Jessica,” she plays an important part in Cha Young Min’s story as they used to have a special relationship before getting entangled 10 years ago.

It is also worth noting that Hani’s brother Ahn Tae Hwan plays Kim Jae Won on “Ghost Doctor,” a warm kind surgeon who is friends with Go Seung Tak.

“Ghost Doctor” is a fantasy medical drama that tells the story of a genius doctor named Cha Young Min [played by Rain]. He is arrogant and selfish. One day, he gets involved in an unexpected case and due to that gets into an accident, his spirit possesses another doctor’s body [played by Kim Bum]. The two doctors are polar opposite and must navigate their new reality together.

Are you excited to see EXID’s Hani on “Ghost Doctor”?

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