Did Jay Park Resign As CEO Of Two Agencies To Create A New Idol Group? Recent Reports Surprise Fans

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A lot of fans are wondering what will Jay Park’s next step be and we might have the answer.

Recently, Jay Park announced his decision to step down as the CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC. His Instagram account also disappeared which left fans wondering whether he’s retiring from the industry soon.

But that doesn’t appear to be quite the case, according to a new report. The new media report alleges Jay Park is working on establishing a new label to launch an idol group, with a huge investment from Kakao Entertainment.

On January 11, Kakao Entertainment responded to the reports, stating that Jay Park is one of the artists who are talented in various fields and they’re currently discussing various types of business partnerships with him, however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Since Jay Park got his start as a kpop idol, many fans are wondering about the type of kpop group he’ll create in the future.

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