Convicted Rapist Choi Jong Hoon Says He Has ‘Trauma’ While Mother Says ‘Its Not A Big Deal’ When Asked By Reporter

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This recent video of Choi Jong Hoon is angering netizens.

Choi Jong Hoon has kept a low profile since he’s been released from prison. The former idol was released on November 8, he served 2.5 years in prison for gang rape.

He was ordered to complete 80 hours of a mandatory sexual assault treatment program and won’t be able to be employed by any child and youth-related organizations and disabled welfare facilities for three years.

Choi Jong Hoon was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in 2019 while his accomplice Jung Joon Young was sentenced to 5 years. He attempted to appeal his sentence but it wasn’t reduced.

Recently, The Fact tracked down Choi Jong Hoon, what he and his mother said when confronted with cameras is angering netizens.

In the video, Choi Jong Hoon attempts to evade the reporter and the camera, he’s also baffled to find out that they were able to find his location, he attended a church service on January 9.

During their encounter with the reporter, Choi Jong Hoon says, ‘I have bad trauma and shock [from the scandal]. I don’t know what to say to you when you come at me with a recording device.’

When pointed with a camera at him, Choi Jong Hoon became visibly irritated and rushed to his mother’s side. He tells his mother, ‘Mom, these reporters came up to me asking for an interview,’ when the reporters explained they wanted to know about his future plans his mother responds, ‘why would you ask such a thing, it wasn’t even a big deal, and you’re making an issue with it. God will punish you.”

You can check out the video in question here.

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