BTS Jungkook Inspires Chipotle To Change Their Twitter Handle After He Says This

Its not Chipotle, from now on, call it ‘Chicotle.’

Recently, BTS shared a new video of the group enjoying some Chipotle bowls during their time in Los Angeles. The restaurant chain took notice and did something with it.

In the video, Jungkook initially mishears the name Chipotle and asks, “How do you eat this? What is this, Chicotle? Chipotle?”

Apparently, Chipotle saw this and decided that from now on, they’re called ‘Chicotle.’ Chipotle’s official Twitter account declared in a reply to BTS, “It’s chicotle from now on.” They also changed their Twitter handle and the background header was also edited to reflect the new name.

Jungkook’s influence truly has no bounds.

You can check out the cute video below!

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