“Now We Are Breaking Up” Drop To Its Lowest Ratings Since Premiere, Why?

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SBS’s drama “Now We Are Breaking Up” ratings are on the decline!

Despite its star-studded cast, the drama ratings have been on the decline and they’re now back at the starting point.

Initially, the premiere of “Now We Are Breaking Up” scored an average of 6.4% nationwide, it was crowned the most-watched Friday-Saturday drama at the time.

According to Nielsen Korea, December 3rd episode of “Now We Are Breaking Up” rated an average of 6.4% nationwide, marking a decline from last week’s 7% rating and the first time the drama went back to the 6% mark since its premiere. The drama’s highest rating was 8% but it hasn’t been able to cross that mark in a while.

But why?

Some people contribute the decline in “Now We Are Breaking Up” ratings to its competition. “Now We Are Breaking Up” and “The Red Sleeve” air at the same time slot, “The Red Sleeve” has recently surpassed the 10% mark.

“Now We Are Breaking Up” is led by Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong and tells the story of people who work in the fashion industry, it marks Song Hye Kyo’s return to the small screen for the first time in a while and marks Jang Ki Yong’s last drama before his military enlistment.

Are you watching “Now We Are Breaking Up”?

Source: Nielsen Korea

By Hilda Moore

Hi all, my name is Hilda and I am a huge kdrama fan, I am responsible for covering news in relation to Kdramas on jazminemedia.com~ My all time fav kdramas are: My Mister, Hotel Del Luna and Kill Me, Heal Me.


  1. People now a days I don’t like historical at all. Is not helpful for this days. Fantasy movement not helping people to think. But Now we are breaking up of SHY and JKY there is a magic called it reality of the story. Many people can think positive because of this drama. The ups and down as well. Facing reality is more important

  2. Love so much Now We Are Breaking Up,it’s not just a kdrama plain and simple, it is loaded with substantial messages about life, the realities of it especially on the issue of breaking up in its myriad forms. A wife sick with cancer trying to prepare her little girl to be independent once she dies, a wife trying to break up with a husband whom she felt she’s done her wifely duties and needs to enjoy life for herself…etc. The dialogues are so loaded with meanings and all the actors/actresses performed their roles so well. Only those who do not look at the substance of the story will not appreciate NWABU. But for me, I go for substance and NWABU got it. This is my opinion. I love ,too, the tandem of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong…they look good together. The age gap is hardly noticeable. Go go go guys. You all did very well.

  3. The Red Sleeve is surprisingly a very much better show than Now We are Breaking Up . The lead actress and actors are excellent in their performance, their chemistry magnificent and the story line is so so good ! Other supporting casts were fantastic too !

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