Girl Group ELRIS Management Transferred To IOK Company Home To B.I, Jo In Sung, And More

ELRIS has become a part of IOK Company.

The surprising news was shared by the agency on December 1st. IOK revealed that after in-depth discussions with Hunus Entertainment about the girl group future direction, they’ve decided to transfer the management of ELRIS to IOK.

IOK promised to generously support the group in the future so they can demonstrate their potential.

ELRIS officially debuted in June 2017, but they added two new members in 2020. ELRIS members are Sohee, Hyeseong, Yukyung, Karin, Bella, EJ, and Chaejeong.

IOK is a huge agency and home to many celebrities like o Hyun Jung, Jo In Sung, Kim Ha Neul, Shin Hye Sun, and B.I., who is also one of the executive directors of the agency.


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