Kpop Groups Who Are Facing Contract Renewals In 2022, Who Will Renew And Who Will Disband?

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Another year has come to an end and as we are about to welcome the new year, it also means its time for some of the most beloved 3rd Generation groups to discuss contract renewals.

In the kpop entertainment industry, a standard contract lasts for 7 years after the debut date, and in 2022, some of the biggest Kpop groups are up to renew their contracts, let us take a look at some of the biggest groups that must decide on their next step next year.

Before we get into it, two groups turn 7 are not mentioned here, the groups are SEVENTEEN and N.FLYING. SEVENTEEN members renewed their contract back in July of 2021. N.FLYING members have also renewed their contracts with FNC earlier this year.


CLC is one of Cube Entertainment’s most underrated groups, the group has already lost two members ahead of the contract renewals. CLC debuted in March 19, 2015, which means they’re one of the first notable groups who will announce their position on contract renewals in 2022.

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl contracts have been a subject of interest for a while now. Oh My Girl is managed by WM Entertainment and in 2021, RBW acquired the company.

The discussion around their contract renewals began when RBW started preparing to go public, among the documents released in preparation for the event was one titled Securities Report, in it, it was reported that 5 of the 7 Oh My Girl members have already renewed until April of 2025. RBW has not publicly commented on this report.

The group Oh My Girl debuted on April 21, 2015


One of the biggest currently promoting boy groups also has their contracts negotiation period in 2022. MONSTA X debuted on May 14, 2015, and the group members will have to decide on their next chapter in the first half of 2022.


APRIL becomes 7 years old in 2022. The girl group debuted in August 24, 2015. Fans are in anticipation of what the girl group members will decide to do once their contract negotiation period begins.


The popular JYP Band turns 7 in 2022. With some members serving in the military, many fans are curious to see whether the members will remain with the agency and keep the band alive. DAY6 member Jae has previously hinted at his disagreement with JYP’s management which leaves some fans asking whether DAY6 contract renewals will go smoothly or not.


YG’s boy group iKON also turns 7 in 2022. the boy group debuted on  September 15, 2015. iKON currently has 6 members, one of which recently became a father. With the members focusing on solo activities for the time being, fans wonder what their decision will be once contract renewals are up.


The biggest girl group in South Korea turns 7 in 2022 and many fans are already debating whether the group shall remain under JYP or not. TWICE’s management has always favored group activities to solo activities and fans wonder what type of decision the members might come to taking into consideration how most of the members have little to zero activities or projects outside the group.

Industry insiders are keeping a close eye on TWICE’s contract renewals as they’re considered one of the biggest money makers for JYP.

Which one of these groups do you believe will renew and which ones do you believe will disband?

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  1. Wow, a lot of big decisions are coming up. I do feel all of the girl groups are in trouble because that seems to be the nature of the game. Of the groups I follow:
    Day6: I really don’t see Jae renewing. I’ve been so worried about him lately, that I hope he gets to do what he wants and finds great success.
    IKON: Hoping they leave YG and reunite with B.I. at his agency so we can get a follow-up to “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me”. Their best stuff.
    Twice: As big as Twice is, I don’t see a majority of the girls renewing. Especially Jeongyeon. I really want her to leave if that’ll make her happy. And much of the other girls just look so over it when performing. And I’m not even sure what is making me sense this, but even the ones who seem to still enjoy performing like Jihyo, Momo or Chaeyoung seem too independent to stay under the thumb of JYP.
    I could be completely wrong and everyone ends up staying but I would be surprised.

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