Jung Ho Yeon Reveals Why The Sweet Messages Boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi Sent Her Made Her Tear Up

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Jung Ho Yeon has been a hot topic of discussion ever since “Squid Game” became viral a couple of months ago. Back then, people were surprised to learn that she’s in a relationship with none other than actor Lee Dong Hwi.

In a recent interview with STARNEWS, the actress sat down to chat about many things, during the interview, she mentioned her boyfriend.

When asked about what type of comments her boyfriend Lee Dong Hwi had for her. Jung Ho Yeon replied,

“Hmm, what did Oppa say to me? When I am overseas, he says, ‘Just return safely. Return healthy.’ He said, ‘everything else doesn’t have to work out and doesn’t matter, so just return healthy and safe.’”

The actress reveals his sweet words of encouragement made her tear up, she added,

“That made me tear up, because everyone is expecting something from me and I have to make something happen, I have to achieve something. Since that’s the expectation, I was focusing on that. But oppa just said it was okay if nothing works out and just to be healthy.”

When the interviewer mentioned how Jung Ho Yeon’s name now appears before Lee Dong Hwi’s in headlines, she said, “That order is not important. Also, I think Oppa is really successful these days!”

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