Jung Ho Yeon Addresses Her Drastic Weight Loss That Concerned Fans Worldwide

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Jung Ho Yeon has been a hot topic of discussion ever since “Squid Game” became viral a couple of months ago, the rookie actress shot into instant worldwide stardom.

Recently, many media headlines about the actress’s health and weight loss became a trending topic. After she shared many photos that show she’s clearly lost weight, many fans began to express concern for her well-being.

In a recent interview with STARNEWS, the actress sat down to chat about many things, during the interview, she mentioned her weight loss.

Jung Ho Yeon has been in self-quarantine after returning from the U.S after a while, about that, she commented,

“I’ve came back after being in the United States for a month then going to Paris. With the new self-quarantine measures, all the scheduled plans until the week before Christmas were canceled.

Because of the schedule, the staff of the agency and those who were preparing for filming were a bit taken aback. But personally, I think it will be a time to catch a breath.”

The actress then revealed why she’s lost weight, she said,

“There was no time to eat in the United States. So I lost too much weight. Clothes that fit well when I first went to the United States are now loose. I lost 4kg [around 10 pounds] in 10 days after the premiere of “Squid Game,” but I’ve lost more. I went to the U.S. and it was a heavy schedule. So many things happened at once.”

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What do you think of Jung Ho Yeon’s weight loss?

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