IVE’s Rei Meets Her Role Model Red Velvet’s Joy And Gifts Her A Signed Album With A Cute Message

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IVE’s Rei has fulfilled her dream of meeting her role model Red Velvet’s Joy!

On December 8, Joy shared to her Instagram stories a photo with IVE’s Rei. Joy shared that she’s received a signed album from Rei.

Rei debuted a week ago with IVE with “ELEVEN,” Rei had previously mentioned Joy was her role model, in the signed album message, Rei wrote,

To. my most respected Joy sunbaenim. Hello sunbaenim, I am IVE’s Rei! While growing up, I dreamt of becoming a singer while watching you. I hope that one day, I cam become a great singer who brings happiness to people, just like you. Please watch over me!”

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Joy said Rei was ‘so cute,’ and wished her well.

Fans are happy to see that Rei met her role model Joy and can’t wait to see them interact more in the near future.

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