BTS Will Not Attend The 2021 MAMA, Mnet Confirms, Here Is Why

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The 2021 MAMA lineup has been a heated topic of discussion among fans as many people believe the lineup is missing some of the biggest acts including BTS.


CJ ENM has confirmed that BTS will not be attending the 2021 MAMA.

After reports of the newest restrictions imposed that would prevent BTS from attending the 2021 MAMA, an official from CJ ENM confirmed that they have been discussing the group’s attendance this year, however, BTS dropped out of the event due to their scheduling issues.

The source also stated that it will be difficult to produce a pre-recorded performance in time, however, the group will prepare a short greeting to fans.


And it looks like BTS will be unable to attend the 2021 MAMA physically due to this reason.

Recently, the South Korean government issued new guidelines mandating all people arriving from overseas to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine due to the rise of the Omicron variant. The new rule extends to all nationalities and in applied regardless of your vaccination status.

BTS is currently in the U.S. and are holding their first-ever concert since the pandemic began. In addition, they have an appearance at the Jingle Ball Tour on December 3 in Los Angeles. Even if we assumed BTS will be going back to South Korea on December 4, the group will be out of quarantine by December 14, the 2021 MAMA will be held on December 11.

This makes it impossible for BTS to attend the award show.

Mnet has never confirmed the group to be attending and said the situation was under discussion.

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