Ahn Bo Hyun Replaces Kim Seon Ho For Upcoming Movie With YoonA


Upcoming movie “2 O’Clock Date” has found a new male lead.

Previously, the upcoming movie “2 O’Clock Date” confirmed Kim Seon Ho’s withdrawal due to his controversy with his ex-girlfriend before it was cleared up.

The upcoming movie is a rom-com about a man and his downstairs neighbor, a woman who holds an unimaginable secret. He was supposed to be paired with YoonA and it was scheduled to begin filming in March of 2022. However, he’s since been dropped.

On December 14, the production company behind the movie confirmed that Ahn Bo Hyun will be taking on the role that was originally set to be played by Kim Seon Ho. According to the company, the upcoming movie is set to begin filming in April of 2022.

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