BREAKING: 2PM’s Chansung Announces Marriage And Fiancée’s Pregnancy + Will Leave JYP Entertainment In January

On December 15, 2PM‘s Chansung announced on his personal Instagram that he is going to get married to his non-celebrity girlfriend, he also stated that his fiancée is pregnant!

He wrote,


Hello. This is 2PM’s Chansung. It has already been a cold winter. 15 years have passed since I started promoting at the age of 17, there have been so many events and memories. Infinite thanks to all the Hottests who made these precious memories with us.

Today I want to tell you about a change and a joy that is happening in my life. I have a person I have been dating for a long time. This person has been a haven for my unstable heart for a long time, a friend and a lover I can talk to about anything. I was planning and preparing to marry this person after being discharged from the military, but the blessing of a new life came faster than expected, we are planning to get married in the beginning of next year. I’m very careful because she is still in the early stages of pregnancy, but because I wanted to deliver this news to you first I am writing this today. “

Chansung also asked for fans’ understanding because his wife to be is a non-celebrity, thus he can’t reveal any public information about her, he also shared another shocking news, that his contract with JYP is coming to an end in January next year after 15 years.

With his new life and family in mind, he has come to the agreement with the agency to not renew his contract.

Congratulation to Chansung and his fiancée!

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