Lee Jong Suk has sent a gift to the set of Wi Ha Joon’s upcoming drama “Bad And Crazy”!

Recently, Wi Ha Joon took to Instagram to share photos of a coffee truck Lee Jong Suk sent to the set of “Bad And Crazy.” The top banner reads, “Superstar Wi Ha Joon, hwaiting! Genius actor Wi Ha Joon. Cheers to Wi Ha Joon and the ‘Bad and Crazy’ team!”

Wi Ha Joon said he was moved by the surprise during filming and thanked Lee Jong Suk. Previously, Lee Jong Suk and Wi Ha Joon worked together on the drama “Romance Is a Bonus Book.”

“Bad and Crazy” is an upcoming drama led by Lee Dong Wook, Han Ji Eun, Cha Hak Yeon, and more. It is set to premiere on December 17.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is currently working on his upcoming 2022 kdrama “Big Mouth” alongside YoonA.


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