VIXX’s Leo Explains His Photo With EXO’s Xiumin After It Created Misunderstandings

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VIXX’s Leo and EXO’s Xiumin recent photo has been a hot topic on the internet so much so that Leo addressed the misunderstandings it caused.

A couple of days ago, Leo shared a photo of himself and Xiumin with their noses touching, Leo originally captioned, ‘this kid, I love you,’ but later changed it to, ‘this kid.’

The photo and the original caption caused some misunderstandings, and on a recent V Live broadcast, Leo took it upon himself to clarify that they’re only friends.

Leo said,

“Min Seok (Xiumin) is one of my three closest friends.” He explained that they were both in ‘a really good mood,’ and they were three together, he added, ‘we enjoy physical contact, its not that strange kind. But the photo was cute.’

He also added that he deleted ‘I love you’ because he thought it was cringy. He assured fans they were friends.

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